When Texas passed our open carry law on January 1, 2016, no additional requirements beyond a concealed carry license were required to openly carry a handgun.  It is our belief that openly carrying a gun comes with a higher level of responsibility and training.  We the people, The Advanced Carry Association are dedicated to offering civilians advanced retention training for open carry.  Just like police officers have to go through retention training in the academy,  we want to make sure civilians have access to this same type of training.   As a matter of fact, our training will be even more extensive and require much more efficiency and testing.  Earning an ACA Badge will not only be a test of open carry retention but of accuracy, speed, shooting fundamentals, hand to hand, situational awareness and legal decision making.  Well-trained, responsible, licensed handgun carriers operating in a respectful manner in our society will be the ACA Badge standard.

No matter if you are law enforcement, military, civilian, liberal or conservative, when you see an open carrier with an ACA Badge, know that they went through extensive rigorous training to earn that badge.  Make no mistake, earning your ACA Badge will take time and dedication.  6 months of continues training minimum and could take up to one year depending on each persons skill level.

In a hostile environment engagement, we teach our LTC students to make sure everyone around you knows that you are NOT the threat after you have opened fire on a real threat.   This is done by projecting your voice saying things like “IS EVERYONE OK”  or  “CALL 911”.   One additional tool that can save your life is displaying your ACA Badge.  In some situations re-holstering your handgun is not the safest thing to do because there could be additional threats around the corner. When Law Enforcement or another LTC Carrier do arrive this can also help them assess who is who saving your own life.

The idea behind the badge was intended for open carry specifically providing you with a much better experience out in society showing people they can feel better knowing you are well trained.  However, even if you choose to conceal carry it can be pulled out and displayed after your hostile environment engagement.

When we designed the look of the ACA badge, we intentionally made it look different then law enforcement badges.  This is our own copyrighted design that does nor bear an insignia of a law enforcement agency and does not identify the carrier as a peace officer or a reserve law enforcement officer, as stated in penal code 37.11  and  37.12

We are still currently developing the ACA Badge classes. Please signup for this special email list and be notified when classes become available.